Japan is selling unique neckties designs with your favorite anime characters!


Recently the Perfect Suit Factory started a collaboration with anime companies to sell neckties with anime characters on it. Currently they are selling neckties with characters from the following animes:

○ Astro Boy
○ Black Jack
○ Dragon Ball Super
○ Super Mario Bros.
○ One Piece

There are plans to expand the list in the future to sell even more neckties with your favorite anime characters!

anime neckties

The neckties are sold for 1990 excluding tax, about 20 dollars per piece. That`s pretty cheap for a anime product and you probably can`t get it outside of Japan!

Anime Characters

One Piece Necktie

The One Piece neckties look really nice and the design of the one piece characters is not that obvious. This is great so that you can even wear it at the workplace or events. The inner part of the necktie shows various characters such as Sanji, Chopper and Franky.

One Piece Neckties

There are many One Piece characters neckties to choose from such as Trafalgar D. Law and Luffy.

Super Mario necktie

Next we have old school Super Mario Bros design. On the necktie you have the flag pole, which always appear at the end of the level and a small Mario character on the front.

Super Mario Necktie

There are plenty of designs to choose from so head over to the Perfect Suit Company to pick your favorite! Instead of wearing the usual boring necktie, you can now wear an original necktie with your favorite characters on it! Everyone at the workplace will probably love your unique necktie.

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