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renting a house in Japan

Renting a House In Japan, What to look for and expect!

2018/10/20   Culture, How-To

Renting a house in Japan First of All-- Congrats! You are in Japan, and you plan on staying here for some time. So what do you need to do now? Renting a house in Japan of course! This can be ...

Waterproof phones in Japan

The Reason Why Waterproof Phones Are Popular in Japan

2018/08/19   Culture, Random

Okay everyone, phones- we all use them; so why is it that 90% of Japan's cell phones are waterproof?! Waterproof phones have gained a lot of popularity recently, but little do most of the world care to realize- Japan has ...


The best Japanese meme site "Bokete"

2018/08/07   Culture, Studying Japanese

Instead of studying Japanese by using books, why not use a Japanese meme site? We have all heard of Reddit, 4ch, 9gag, CollegeHumor and CHEEZburger, but Japan has it`s own Japanese meme site which is called Bokete. On Bokete, people ...

Coffee vs Tea, Why So Popular in Japan?

Coffee vs Tea, Why So Popular in Japan?

2018/04/18   Culture

Did Somebody Say Coffee? As an outsider I was definitely a little frazzled( if not a little surprised) to see that Japan is one of the largest consumers of coffee in the world! No, seriously! Coming from a foreign country ...