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register on リクナビNEXT

How to register on リクナビNEXT(Rikunabi NEXT)

2018/10/20   How-To

In this article, I will guide you on how to register on the リクナビNEXT (Rikunabi NEXT) website. Click here to go to the website and follow the steps below to register yourself on the website. 1. Register your email Firstly, ...

renting a house in Japan

Renting a House In Japan, What to look for and expect!

2018/10/20   Culture, How-To

Renting a house in Japan First of All-- Congrats! You are in Japan, and you plan on staying here for some time. So what do you need to do now? Renting a house in Japan of course! This can be ...


find a job in japan

7 most popular recruiting sites to find a job in Japan

2018/10/07   How-To

So you are planning to come to Japan and are searching for a job or you are already living in Japan and want to change your job? In this article, you can find a complete list of websites that can ...

Immigration Bureau e-Notification system

How To Use The Japanese Immigration Bureau e-Notification System

2018/08/20   How-To

When a change happens to your current visa, you have to notify the Immigration Bureau within 14 days. For example when you quit your job or change your address. In case you don`t inform the Immigration Bureau within 14 days, ...


Quitting your job in Japan

Quitting your job in Japan

2018/08/04   How-To

The day has come that you had enough of your current job or found a better job. When you decide to quit your job in Japan, it can be a challenge to know the procedure of how to quit. I ...

5 tips to increase your chances on landing a job in Japan

5 tips to increase your chances for landing a job in Japan

2018/07/08   How-To

Recently I received an email from someone that wants to know how to increase your chances for landing a job in Japan. For me, as a non-native English speaker and on a tourist visa it was very difficult to get ...

How to Find Wifi Spots in Japan

Where to Find Wifi Spots in Japan

2018/04/12   How-To

So, you found yourself leaving the house and catching a bus or train to some exciting place. But wait, there's no wifi!? Noo!!! That’s what I would normally say if Japan didn’t already have a variety of ways to stay ...

Japanese Bank Account

How to: Opening A Japanese bank Account and What to Expect

2018/04/10   How-To

If you are a foreigner in Japan (like myself) you have probably had the struggle of opening a Japanese bank account up and running! When you are not native to Japan, everything seems to be harder for you. More paperwork, ...

Job Hunting in Japan & Where to Look

2018/04/05   How-To

First, off the bat, you need to decide what kind of job you are looking for. English teaching, non-English teaching? Those kinds of questions. To be warned though, unless your Japanese level is N2 or above, most companies won’t be ...

Japanese toilets

How to: Using Japanese Toilets

2018/03/30   How-To

Keep in mind that in Japan, there are two kinds of toilets: Traditional Squat toilet as seen above, and a Western-style toilet + bidet. Everyday, a foreigner in Japan is victimized by squat toilet only bathroom… Only you can prevent ...