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spouse visa Japan

How to Obtain A Spouse Visa in Japan

2018/03/28   How-To

Are You Ready For the Plunge? So, you’ve made it to Japan, already met-- or just met the love of your life and decided: “I want to stay here in this culturally rich, beautiful land!” Remember, you can only apply ...

7-Eleven ATM

How to withdraw money at a Japanese ATM 【7-Eleven】

2017/08/17   How-To

When you come to Japan and are in need of cash, there are not so many places where you can withdraw money with your foreign bank card. When I first came to Japan, I had the same problem and didn`t ...



How to get a job in Japan as a non-native English speaker

2017/07/14   How-To

If you want to work in Japan there are plenty of options. The problem is that if you are not a native English speaker it almost impossible to get a visa as English teacher. Or you might not be interested ...


Quickest Way to Change a Tourist Visa to a Working Visa in Japan

2017/07/03   How-To

You found a job in Japan, congratulations. Now it is time to change your tourist visa to a working visa. When I first arrived at the immigration bureau to change my visa, the staff asked me why I was applying ...


Visa Japan

How to apply for a work permit in Japan

2017/06/29   How-To

After receiving your Certificate of Eligibility it is now time to apply for your work permit. What to prepare The items that I prepared before going to the immigration bureau are as follows: ○The form “APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF STATUS ...

Certificate of Eligibility

How to get a Certificate of Eligibility in Japan

2017/06/29   How-To

The procedure to get a certificate of eligibility in Japan can be difficult if you don`t speak Japanese. I got mine on a tourist visa and was lucky enough that the COE arrived before my tourist visa expired. This is ...

tokyo immigration bureau

How to get to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau

2017/06/26   How-To

Although the Japanese immigration office is in the center of Tokyo, it is still quite a hassle to get there from Shinagawa station. I will now share the quickest way to get to the immigration office in Shinagawa. Access Guide ...