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Waterproof phones in Japan

The Reason Why Waterproof Phones Are Popular in Japan

2018/08/19   Culture, Random

Okay everyone, phones- we all use them; so why is it that 90% of Japan's cell phones are waterproof?! Waterproof phones have gained a lot of popularity recently, but little do most of the world care to realize- Japan has ...

The 10 Best Japan Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now

2018/08/13   Random

There are a lot of expats living in Japan that share their experiences. I made a list of the 10 best Japan blogs that you need to follow right now. The list consists of bloggers that I follow and whose ...


Kagaya Frog Bar

Crazy bar Kagaya Frog Bar

2018/04/03   Random

Frog is Stranger Than Fiction! If that slogan rings any bell for anyone- well sprinkle my donuts; i’m impressed. No you read that right-- Frog Bar! This completely ‘insane’ bar found in Minato, is just about the creepiest and most ...

anime neckties

Japan is selling unique neckties designs with your favorite anime characters!

2017/07/26   Random

Recently the Perfect Suit Factory started a collaboration with anime companies to sell neckties with anime characters on it. Currently they are selling neckties with characters from the following animes: ○ Astro Boy ○ Black Jack ○ Dragon Ball Super ...


Tokyo Train

Japanese train stations have their own theme songs!

2017/07/17   Random

When you arrive in Japan and take the train, you start noticing these unique theme songs that they play at each station. The melody will play just before the train will departure to make sure you don`t try to rush ...

Water Boys - ウォーターボーイズ

10 Japanese Movies That You Must Watch

2017/07/06   Random

Japan has a lot of amazing movies that are not well known internationally. I made a list of the 10 Japanese movies that you must watch at least once. 1. Confessions (告白) Confessions is about a mother who is also ...