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Japanese celebrities favorite books collection site "Oshibon"

2021/07/31   Studying Japanese

Previously I wrote an article about a Japanese memes site. A lot of people found this site useful to study Japanese culture and the Japanese language. To Continue from my previous article about useful Japanese sites, I found another site called ...

The best Japanese meme site "Bokete"

2018/08/07   Culture, Studying Japanese

Instead of studying Japanese by using books, why not use a Japanese meme site? We have all heard of Reddit, 4ch, 9gag, CollegeHumor and CHEEZburger, but Japan has it`s own Japanese meme site which is called Bokete. On Bokete, people ...


Top 100 Japanese words

Top 100 Japanese words you need to know for work

2017/09/17   Studying Japanese

Since I started working in Japan, I have kept a note with all the words that were new to me. From my list, I have selected 100 words that I think are useful to know when you are working in ...

Japanese Street Sign

Learn Japanese Through Japanese Street Signs

2017/07/04   Studying Japanese

When visiting Japan you will see a lot of signs everywhere. Almost all of these signs are written in Japanese, which can be sometimes difficult as foreigner to understand. As the number of foreigners visiting Japan increases and with the ...