How to get to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau


Although the Japanese immigration office is in the center of Tokyo, it is still quite a hassle to get there from Shinagawa station. I will now share the quickest way to get to the immigration office in Shinagawa.

Access Guide

When you arrive in Shinagawa station, go to the “Central Gate” or “中央改札(Chūō kaisatsu)”. After arriving at the central gate, go right and walk to the “Kōnan Exit” or “港南口”. (Quite easy to remember if you think of Detective Conan)

tokyo immigration office

When you walk to the Kōnan Exit, you will pass through this long tunnel.

tokyo immigration bureau

At the end of the tunnel, you will arrive on a bridge with a ton of billboards all around you.

tokyo immigration bureau

Turn left and walk across the bridge with a road below. Once you pass that bridge, there will be a staircase on your left with a sign on it that says “Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Bus stop (Tokyo Nyukoku Kanrikyoku mae)”.

tokyo immigration bureau

Once you get down the stairs there be a bus stop with the following sign “Via TOKYO REGIONAL IMMIGRATION BUREAU”.

tokyo immigration bureau

Take bus 99 bound for “Tokyo Immigration Bureau” or “Shinagawa Futo Junkan” at bus terminal 8. If you go to the immigration office in the early morning (which I recommend) there is usually a very long waiting line. Don`t worry about it as usually within 5-10 minutes you will be pushed into the bus by the staff. Also, make sure that you have enough money for the bus ticket as a single ticket costs 210 yen in cash and 206 yen with a Suica or PASMO (including your return ticket it will cost 416-420 yen)

tokyo immigration bureau

On the bus there is an information display with all the stops on it. The stop that you have to get off at is “Tokyo Nyukoku Kanrikyoku mae”. Most of the people taking this bus are foreigners heading to the immigration office and get off at the same stop. It usually takes around 5-10 minutes and you will be dropped off in front of the immigration bureau.

tokyo immigration bureau

How to get back to Shinagawa station.

When you are (finally) finished with the procedures at the immigration bureau. To go back to Shinagawa station go to the opposite side from where you were dropped off. This means you must cross the road and you will see a bus stop.

tokyo immigration bureau

On the front of the bus, it is written that it is bound for Shinagawa Station.

tokyo immigration bureau

Also, while you are on the bus, you can make use of their free wifi, which is called “TOEI BUS FREE WIFI”. You can register by using an email address or sign in using your social media account.

tokyo immigration bureau

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If you have any questions or would like to add something to the article feel free to leave a comment or contact me through email.

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