How to register on リクナビNEXT(Rikunabi NEXT)


In this article, I will guide you on how to register on the リクナビNEXT (Rikunabi NEXT) website. Click here to go to the website and follow the steps below to register yourself on the website.

1. Register your email

Firstly, click on the registration button (the button that the arrow points to).

register on リクナビNEXT

When clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the next page. On this page fill in your email address and if necessary the authentication code. After filling in the information click on the accept button below the filled in information.

After submitting your email address you will see the below screen informing you that they have sent a confirmation email to your inbox.

register on リクナビNEXT

2. Click the link in the Email

When you receive the email, click on the link in the email.

register on リクナビNEXT

3. Fill in your basic information

First fill in your password, name, birthdate, and gender.

register on リクナビNEXT

Next fill in your address if you are living in Japan, if not you can leave it open. You also have a few checkboxes which ask you if you want to be automatically logged in next time and if you would like to emails from Rikunabi by email.

register on リクナビNEXT

4. Check the filled in information

Check if the information is correct and click on "次へ", which means next.

register on リクナビNEXT

5. & 6. Current situation and desired situation

In step 5 select from when you want to change your job and where you would like to work.

In step 6 fill in your postal code or click the checkbox "海外" if you are not currently living in Japan. After that fill in if you are currently employed, your job occupancy and your desired occupancy.

register on リクナビNEXT

7. Educational background

Fill in your educational background and click "次へ"(next).

register on リクナビNEXT

8. professional background

Fill in for how many companies you worked, from when you started working there, company name, industry and the number of employees.

register on リクナビNEXT

9. & 10 self-PR and accept the terms of conditions

You can fill in your self-pr, if you don't want to you can leave it open and click next.

register on リクナビNEXT

11. Registration complete

After accepting the terms of condition, your registration is complete and you can browse through the job listings.

register on リクナビNEXT

Good luck with finding a job on Rikunabi!

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