Top 100 Japanese words you need to know for work


Since I started working in Japan, I have kept a note with all the words that were new to me. From my list, I have selected 100 words that I think are useful to know when you are working in Japan. Below you can find the list with kanji, romaji and the English translation

Top 100 Japanese words for work

Japanese Romaji English
請求書 seikyūsho invoice
営業時間 eigyō jikan office hours
開始時間 kaishi jikan starting hours
閉店時間 heiten jikan closing hours
印刷 insatsu printing
削除 sakujo delete
事務局 jimukyoku executive office
勤怠 kintai attendance and absence
打ち合わせ uchiawase meeting
待ち合わせ machiawase appointment
折り返し orikaeshi call back
伺う orikaeshi to ask
頂く itadaku to receive; to get; to accept
片付け katazuke to clean up
提案 teian proposal; suggestion
発注 hacchū placing an order
使用 shiyō use
確認 kakunin confirmation; check
体験 taiken experience
翻訳 honyaku translation
返信 henshin reply
希望 kibō hope; wish
領収書 ryōshū sho formal receipt
転送 tensō redirect; forwarding
祝日 shukujitsu national holiday
登記 tōki registration
出勤 shukkin being at work
飲食 inshoku eating and drinking
資格 shikaku qualifications; requirements
指示 shiji instructions
wake reason; excuse
書類 shorui documents
内容 naiyō contents
発表 happyō announcement
企業 kigyō company
理解 rikai understand
結果 kekka result
正社員 seishain permanent employee
相談 sōdan consultation
会議 kaigi meeting
確認 kakunin check
変更 henkō change; modify
能力 nōryoku ability
目的 mokuteki purpose; objective
評価 hyōka evaluation; review
調べる shiraberu search
税金 zeikin tax
郵便 yūbin postal service
一生懸命 isshōkenmei do one's best
利益 rieki profit
可能 kanō possible
情報 jōhō information

給料 kyūryō salary
参加 sanka participating
重要 jūyō important
平均 heikin average
広告 kōkoku advertisement
後輩 kōhai junior(at work or school)
先輩 senpai senior(at work or school)
料金 ryōkin fee; charge
本社 honsha head office
注文 chūmon order
届ける todokeru to deliver
比べる kuraberu to compare
進める susumeru to advance
定休日 teikyū bi regular closing day
電卓 dentaku calculator
名刺 meishi business card
印鑑 / 判子 ikan / hanko stamp; seal
面接 mensetsu interview
残業 zangyō overtime
事務所 jimusho office
会議室 kaigi shitsu meeting room
社長 shachō company president
同僚 dōryō co-worker
部下 buka subordinate
不明 fumei unclear; uncertain
入力 nyūryoku data entry; input
不可 fuka not possible
日時 nichiji date and time
利用 riyō use
日付 hizuke date
サイン sain signature; autograph
努力 Doryoku great effort
お願い onegai request; wish
困る komaru to be troubled
株式会社 kabushikigaisha public company
値段 nedan price; cost
価格 kakaku price; value: cost
メール mēru e-mail
電話 denwa telephone
携帯 keitai mobile phone
営業 eigyō sales; business
~部 ~bu department
お知らせ oshirase notify; notification
日程 nittei program; schedule
スケジュール sukejūru schedule
ホチキス hochikisu stapler
hasami scissors
頑張る ganbaru do one's best

I hope this list will help you improve your Japanese skills and that you can understand more of what is being said at the workplace. When I have more words that I think that are important to know, I will update this article.

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