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Kagaya Frog Bar

Frog is Stranger Than Fiction!

If that slogan rings any bell for anyone- well sprinkle my donuts; i’m impressed. No you read that right-- Frog Bar! This completely ‘insane’ bar found in Minato, is just about the creepiest and most entertaining place to visit.

I still haven’t been able to decide if i’m emotionally scarred or thoroughly amused yet. Just kidding! I loved the chaos that ensued, and i’ll tell you why.

Special Scenarios Unlocked

Now how do you unlock said Special scenario? You just order something off the menu! Everything is themed for a specific country and the performances-well, let’s just say you’ll remember them down the road when you least expect.

So hold on to your drawers, and be prepared for the night to start off with a little bit of a bang! While at Kagaya Frog Bar, there is no such thing as personal space anymore; and everything has a unique perverted undertone that I found downright hilarious.

It turned out that Beer, represented the United Kingdom, it was almost too much for me to... Bear!

Kagaya Frog Bar

With our drinks delivered by an adorable creature, who had the fiercest determination to never give up, I found I had been rooting for the stuffed animal when it had collapsed under the weight of its tray. It was an odd sense of admiration for something that wasn’t even alive, plus the Host’s sound effects and voice overs was the icing on that cake.

Kagaya Frog Bar

Who Ordered a Maraca?!

While still shocked from what was apparently the world’s strongest teddy bear, in the small room that could hold maybe twenty guests; someone ordered a Brazilian item.

Cue the intense Maraca music!

Kagaya Frog Bar

Out pops the Host wearing Flamenco sleeves, an octopus hat, and dancing to the sound of maracas.

Now at this point i'm wondering what the H-E-L-L this man keeps in that tiny room he keeps disappearing into! Scared and intrigued; my whole night was like that.

Art Truly is Abstract...Right?

With questions going through my head, I wonder when i’ll be able to make a little escape to the girls room- but not before i see the next act. I don’t want to be rude after all! I was given enough time to ponder one last thing before we had the next theme thrown into our faces; should I be worried at how fast he’s able to change in and out of all these costumes?!

With soft romance music playing in the background, and a dramatic flip of the curtain- we are introduced to our now French host! A beret, easel and sketch pad included!

Now i’m not going to say that I tried to avoid making eye contact as he performed some kind of mock oral on the corner of that poor easel...because I straight up stared him down-choking on my own laughter at his expressions.

Kagaya Frog Bar

The host picked a person from the crowd and began to draw a quick sketch of them as if it were a masterpiece itself. It took maybe a couple of minutes at most before he ripped it off its page with a flourish, kissed it for luck, and like all French people- suggestively rubbed it on his crotch. Classy!

With peals of laughter filling the air and bladders full, I made a B-line for the bathroom. That was probably my first mistake.

A Trip to the Porcelain Throne

This bathroom was something I was extremely reluctant about, as I neared it I knew something was wrong! Hand on the door to make sure no one was in their before me, i could feel a light banging on the door and a bunch of noise inside-but the bathroom was vacant ( or so the lock said).

I steel myself up for a battle of will, like the children from ‘It’ finally facing Pennywise the Clown as adults. (Accurate because this looked like something straight from a children’s bloody nightmare!).

Kagaya Frog Bar

Toys of many natures were basically screaming and producing odd music- not mention most were flailing around in circles, or banging against the door. Yep, emotionally scarred here, unable to defecate in silence. It was just SO awful.

Hit the Road Jack…

Now as the night began to finish it’s festivities, one last performance caught everyone’s attention, and possibly everyone’s hearts. Just kidding on the last part, the only thing it caught was laughter and confusion!

Everyone sitting down, we come face to frog, with well-a frog! His name was Jack, and had two brothers. This lovely little frog puppet continue to regale us about his brothers, including the famous Dick, who lives in California that came out to see us.

Kagaya Frog Bar

Now when the little green frog asked us if we wanted to meet Dick, I should have known something was going to happen, but I was not prepared for the next scene in the slightest.

With everyone chanting “Dick! Dick! Dick! Dick!...”, the owner nowhere in sight except for this frog practically headbanging in time to our chants, he bursts through the partition wearing a green frog suit! He’s also holding the smaller frog in front of his crotch like a extension of himself so to speak.

Running towards a random person in the crowd, he then continued to thrust the frog at pelvic height, into the back of the girls head (in this case me, I was so embarrassed, I thought I was going to die of laughter). I wasn’t the only target as two more people got to meet Dick in the same manner.

Kagaya Frog Bar

After this hilarious bombardment of Frog-like wonder, our drinks were served, and out of the 20 or people in the room, everyone seemed to rather enjoy themselves. This bar isn’t like any other bar in Japan by a long shot.

Kagaya Frog Bar

A consensus by the bar goers said, that this bar was beyond weird, but about 9/10 said they would come back with friends, just to traumatize them. Good friends, I approve. So if you enjoy these kinds of odd bars, you should go next time you want to bust a gut, or make a friend or family member uncomfortable! (Please drink responsibly, don’t drink and drive, do not bring children to bars, and remember the golden rule.)
Friendly Neighborhood Gaijin logging off!

Location: 〒105-0004 Tokyo, Minato, Shinbashi, 2 Chome−15−12, 花定ビル

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