The Reason Why Waterproof Phones Are Popular in Japan


Okay everyone, phones- we all use them; so why is it that 90% of Japan's cell phones are waterproof?! Waterproof phones have gained a lot of popularity recently, but little do most of the world care to realize- Japan has had waterproof phones for almost a decade already! Why? Phone companies have had to make their products waterproof in Japan because of the addiction level of the female population who keeps taking them into the showers with them. Let’s not be sexist here, it isn’t just women anymore. I have firsthand experience with my own spouse who takes his phone with him into the shower! So the general result has been that the phone companies have made (nearly) all models of their phones waterproof to meet expectations of the current public demand.

Waterproof Phones are popular in Japan

Ways To Make Your Phone Waterproof

Now, if you are among the many people across the world who either a) don’t have the money to shell out for these high tech phones, or b) just don’t want to; don’t worry! There are many ways to keep your phone waterproofed, so you can watch all your YouTube and Netflix while you relax as you want.

Starting off at #1, we have the good old trusty ziploc bag. It sounds ridiculous, but it is tried and true. Depending on the thickness of the bag, will determine the overall functionality of the touch screen function. Don’t worry though, it’ll keep the water out alright.

#2, the waterproof case! Waterproof cases are also very popular if you aren’t too keen on buying the latest phone because it completely blocks out water from getting into the tiny nooks and crannies of those darn phones! These are the most effective ways to make your phone waterproof, and there are even tons of gadgets to help make the use of your phone easier near water. Waterproof wireless speakers help with listening to music, but not so much if you needed to do anything hands on and it slips. Oops! Phone stands are also nice, but if your bath doesn’t have enough room on the ledge, or the toilet isn’t close enough for you to see; it becomes moot.

Asking Around Edogawa

While walking around my lovely place of residence, I asked some native Japanese residents about their cellular devices! Even gaining permission from a few to quote them from the interview, let’s see what they said!

Interview with Ms. Fumiaki

Me:“Excuse me, could I have a moment of your time to ask you a question about Japanese Cell Phones?”

Ms. Fumiaki: ”Sure, what is the question?”

Me: “Why do you think Japanese cell phones are waterproof?”

Ms. Fumiaki: “I think it’s because people are so addicted to their phones, we can’t put them down- even in the bath. LOL”

Me: “ That does seem to be the case for many people of the younger generation, thank you!”

Interview with Ms. Ayumi

Me: “Hi! Hello, could you spare a minute to answer a question I have about Japanese cell phones?”

Ms. Ayumi: “Yeah, how can I help?”

Me: “Did you know, that over 90% of cell phones sold here in Japan are waterproof? And if so, can you tell me why they are?”

Ms. Ayumi: “ 90% Really!? I haven’t seen a phone that hasn’t been waterproof yet… I guess people around my age tend to want waterproof phones because we never put them down. I take mine with me even into the bath ha-ha! I don’t see many people above 40 or so having really high tech phones, so maybe it’s also a generational thing? I don’t know if that really helped.”

Me: “No, that helped a lot, thank you!”

Interview with Ms. Aiko

Me: “Hello, excuse me ma’am, could you please answer a question for me about Japanese cell phones?”

Ms. Aiko: “I can try, what is your question young lady?”

Me: “In Japan, it seems that just about 90% of all cell phones sold- are waterproof! Do you think you know why that is?”

Ms. Aiko: “ Well, I don’t really know about that, but it would make sense honestly. All these young people walking around in such a hurry. Their phones may as well be attached to their faces! I’ve seen a few people drop their phones in rain puddles and pick them up like nothing happened, it was surprising. My phone is old, and the battery can still be taken out, so it isn’t waterproofed in the slightest. I’m not worried though, since I don’t need my phone to go everywhere with me. I hope that helped deary.”

Me: “That helped a lot ma’am, thank you for taking the time to answer my question!”

Waterproof Phones are popular in Japan

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

Okay everybody, so we’ve got the public’s opinion, personal opinion, and even a couple of articles from phone companies themselves talking about the same thing listed right here below:

Mashable, The crazy reason nearly every phone in Japan is waterproof

Oddity Central, Nearly All Phones in Japan Are Waterproof Because People Need to Use Them in the Shower

From what can be clearly be seen by the public is that the current generation and even the most recent generation prior, still have a penchant for their technology. It isn’t a crime so relax- we’re just here to shed some light on modern technology right now. Our media devices can be very addicting, especially when they are so easily transportable everywhere we go! So it makes sense that as we get used to taking them on the go with us everywhere else, we want to take them everywhere in our homes too. This obviously includes our showers.

So there you have it guys, it wasn’t that hard of a nut to crack after all! The reason why waterproof phones are popular in Japan. Supply and demand; and the public expectations that are exerted onto the phone companies to comply with the consumers demands. Classic!

Until next time you guys!

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