The 10 Best Japan Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now


There are a lot of expats living in Japan that share their experiences. I made a list of the 10 best Japan blogs that you need to follow right now. The list consists of bloggers that I follow and whose articles I enjoy reading. The list is ranked in no particular order, so please enjoy!

1. Offbeat Japan

Jordy Meow is a French photographer living in Japan that shows us the lesser known places in Japan. What I especially like about his blog is that he visits abandoned places in Japan. He has combined all the abandoned places that he visited and published it in his book called "Abandoned Japan".

Especially his article "the best abandoned places in 2016" is one of my favorite articles. It lists 25 abandoned places in Japan such as schools, temples and hotels.

If you are looking to make a trip to some unique places, which almost nobody visits, you can click here to check out Jordy's blog.

2. The Japan Guy

The Japan Guy is the blog of Donald Ash, an American expat who has been living in Japan for the last ten years. He writes very detailed about how to be an English teacher in Japan and also writes reviews about products that he uses to study Japanese. Besides his blog he is also a youtuber where he shares his experiences in Japan.

If you are looking to become an English teacher in Japan or you already are and searching for a better job, you can find all information that you need in his guide "the ultimate guide about teaching in Japan".

3. Texan in Tokyo

Texan in Tokyo is the blog of Grace and Ryosuke. In their blog they write about all aspects of life in Japan, especially about international relationships. As Grace is a comic artist, she has also uploaded cartoons on the blog.

Especially their article "9 Things Hated about living in Japan" is a good article to read about the downsides of what life is really like in Tokyo. As they explain in the article, they get tired of life in Tokyo and decide to move to the countryside.

They stopped writing on their blog as they wants to focus on family life. As there is so much useful information on the blog, I still think it is a great blog to read.

4. Surviving in Japan

Surviving in Japan is the blog of Ashley, a former Japan expat. In her blog she covers common problems that expats and travelers face in Japan, but goes one step further to provide unique how-tos and uncommon resources you won't find anywhere else.

When I first came to Japan, I had difficulties using the air conditioning. I just pressed a few buttons and hoped it would work. This is why I especially like her blog article such as "HOW TO: Use an Air Conditioner in Japan" , where she covers in detail on how to use the air conditioner.

As Ashley is not living in Japan anymore, she has not updated an article recently. In case you ever need to know how to deal with something in Japan, you can always find it on her blog and that is why I added it to this list.

5. Japanese Rule of 7

Japanese Rule of 7 is the blog of Ken, who has lived in Japan for more than a decade. In his blog he writes about all aspects of life in Japan and in a humorous way.

I recommend reading his article "Who Wears the Pants in Japan?". Especially for the guys that are thinking of marrying a Japanese girl, I would recommend reading the part where he meets the Australians in the bar.

6. Zooming Japan

Zooming Japan is the blog of Jasmine a German national, who has traveled all 47 prefectures of Japan. On her blog she talks about the best sightseeing spots, Japanese culture and living in Japan.

Everyone`s story of how they were able to Japan is different. Jasmine came to Japan on a working holiday and in her article "How I made it to Japan", she tells us how she obtained her visa and how she got her first job.

As of May 2018, she is on a hiatus as she became very busy with her current job. Hopefully, we will see her writing articles again very soon!

7. Celia in Tokyo

Celia writes on her blog about her life in Japan and the sightseeing spots that she visited. She especially writes in detail about everything there is to do in Tokyo such as events, museums, places to visit and more.

If you live in Tokyo or you are coming to visit I would definitely check out her Tokyo guide. You can read by clicking here.

8. Gaijinpot

Gaijinpot is a popular job board for jobs in Japan. They also have a blog, where several writers tell about life in Japan. It has especially useful information for English teachers in Japan.

I enjoyed checking out "A Guide To the Best 'Lost in Translation' Spots in Tokyo" as it shows the spots where they filmed "Lost in Translation", which is one of my favorite movies about Japan.

9. Super Cheap Japan

Super Cheap Japan is the blog of Matthew, who has traveled to Japan on countless occasions.

In his blog he gives tips on how to have an awesome trip, without spending too much money. I especially like his article "Top 10 super cheap foods in Japan", which shows that even without spending a lot of money, you can enjoy Japanese food in Japan.

If you enjoy reading his blog, he has bundled a lot of his information into a book called "Super Cheap Japan" and "Super Cheap Tokyo", which you can buy on Amazon.

10. Japan Subculture

Japan Subculture Research Center was founded in 2007. It exposes the hidden side of Japan – its underground economy, its trends, its sex trade, politics, corruption, subculture and all the other intriguing and seedy aspects that keep the country running.

Jakes the owner of Japan Subculture has been an investigative journalist in Japan since 1993 and is the author of the best-selling memoir “Tokyo Vice.”.

Especially, "Yakuza dictionary & OC resources" has a lot of detailed information about the Yakuza and is a great resource to know more about the Japanese mafia.


That's it for the list of "The 10 Best Japan Blogs You Need To Follow Right Now". Please share with me other Japan blogs in the comment section, which you think should be added to the list.

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