How to apply for a work permit in Japan


After receiving your Certificate of Eligibility it is now time to apply for your work permit.

What to prepare

The items that I prepared before going to the immigration bureau are as follows:

Certificate of Eligibility
○At least two profile pictures (size 40mm x 30mm 4:3)
○Enough cash, at least 1500 yen (preferably 1000-yen notes or coins)

Before going to the Immigration Bureau

1. Fill in the form “APPLICATION FOR CHANGE OF STATUS OF RESIDENCE” with the company that is willing to hire you.

2. Attach a picture of yourself that is 40mm x 30mm (4:3).

My photo was not approved at the immigration staff, because the picture was not bright enough. In this case, you can take a new picture on the ground floor at the immigration. The price is 800 yen and you can only use a 1000-yen bill or coins.

At the Immigration Bureau

If you want to finish the application quickly, arrive at the immigration bureau before 8:30AM, because the doors of the immigration bureau will open at that time. To know how to get to the immigration bureau in Shinagawa click here.

3. Once the doors open go to the counter called “Check Counter of an Application Form”, which is located near the B counter (take the escalator). When it`s your turn the immigration staff will check the documents with you and if accepted, they give you a ticket number for the B counter and a postcard.

Tokyo Immigration Bureau

4. While waiting for your turn at the B counter, you can already write your address on the postcard and not your companies address. The will use this address to tell you when your visa is ready to be picked up or if they require more information.

5. When the staff at B counter accepts your application, they will put a stamp in your passport. The stamp allows you to overstay your tourist visa and you are not allowed to leave Japan.

6. You finished your application for the work permit. According to the immigration it will take about 1 month for them to send you a notification that you can pick up your visa, but usually it is much shorter. In my case it took about a week for the Immigration Bureau to send a notification to my address.

Notification and Revenue Stamp

If they accept your work permit application, you will get a card like this.

Work Permit Japan

The 4000 yen revenue stamp is your payment to receive the work permit. You can buy it on the ground floor of the Tokyo Immigration Bureau at the Family Mart.

Revenue Stamp


After buying the revenue stamp, go to the A counter and the staff will check your postcard and other documents. If everything is complete, they will take your passport and give you a ticket number. When your number is called, they will give you back your passport and your new residence card.

Residence Card


In case you are still looking for a company to join,
click on the link below to find a company.

7 most popular recruiting sites to find a job in Japan

If you have any questions or would like to add something to the article feel free to leave a comment or contact me through email.

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